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Chaturvedi Oral & Dental Clinic provides the best dental treatment in Gorakhpur. Run and operated by Dr. Prashant Chaturvedi (B.SC, BDS MIDA ), the clinic gives a whole range of treatment to all those suffering from bad breath, toothache, chipped/crooked and stained teeth, gum bleeding or any other bacterial infections. The clinic specializes in Cosmetic Dentist, Orthodontist and offers Orthodontic Braces, Invisible Braces and Dental Implants in Gorakhpur. It carries out the range of oral treatments and all kinds of dental surgeries. All of these oral treatments are performed under the supervision of specialists only to ensure its effectiveness and satisfaction of the patients. Chaturvedi Oral & Dental Clinic in Gorakhpur also undertakes preventive check-ups and advises you on good dental care, thereby helping prevent tooth and gum issues.
Chaturvedi Oral & Dental Clinic has state of the art equipment to carry out various oral treatment. Apart from general dental treatments, the clinic is famous for cosmetic dental treatments too. There are packages offered for people looking for treatments. A person can book their appointment with ease and seek treatment even in the same day. We have an in-house dental lab fitted with highly innovative and modern equipment. Here we carry out oral examination and screening to clearly understand the problem and come up with a possible treatment solution. You can also consult us for cosmetic dentistry which includes laser teeth whitening, gum depigmentation, crowns, bonding, and a lot more. Visit today to city’s best dental clinic to get rid of bad breath, stained teeth or any other dental problem. For any queries, you can call us at +91-9451728899
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Time TreatmentRateAppointment
Rs. 100/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
X-RayRs. 100/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
3RVGRs. 200/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
4Extraction (Normal)Rs. 500/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
5Extraction (Surgical) AnteriorRs. 800/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
6Extraction (Surgical) PosteriorRs. 1200/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
7ImpactionRs. 2000-3000/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
8RCTRs. 2000/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
9Crown (Ceramic) 1 UnitRs. 1800/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
10Crown (Metal) 1 UnitRs. 1000/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
11Ziconia 1 UnitRs. 7000/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
12Restoration (Temp)Rs. 200/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
13AmalgamRs. 600/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
14GICRs. 500/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
15CompositeRs. 800/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
16Scaling (Normal)Rs. 800/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
17Scaling (Gingivitis)Rs. 1200/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
18(Pan + Gutka) ScalingRs. 1500/- Onwards Book An Appointment 
19GingivectomyRs. 2500/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
20Ortho (Removal)Rs. 8000/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
21Ortho (Fixed)Rs. 25000-30000/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
22Prostho RPDRs. 500/Tooth - OnwardsBook An Appointment 
23Complete DentureRs. 6000/10000/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
24PulpotomyRs. 1200/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
25ApicoectomyRs. 3000/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
26Extra Oral Sinus (Surgery)Rs. 4000/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 
27Intra Oral SinusRs. 2000/- OnwardsBook An Appointment 

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